Essentials of Web Designing

A website is one of the most essential sources of promotion and revenues for any business venture. This is so because a large number of customers today browse the website of the venture before buying the products or services. Thus, websites serve as a life line for any company and the stiff competition in the market has made the job of web designers even more challenging. India is the epicenter for website designing companies across the globe. Making an eye catchy and influencing website is the challenge for most of the web designers. It is true designing a website is not a child’s play it requires a good experience, creativity and a thorough knowledge of software that are used in a website designing.

Listed below are some of the essentials of web designing:

  • Keep a short domain name that can be easily remembered. Make your domain name different from your competitors because it might happen that the visitor can make a spelling mistake and lands up to a web page that almost has the same domain name like you have.
  • The other essential of website designing is creativity. If a website does not appeal to the visitors it would not able to do any good for the company. A good creativity is a must in website designing to increase traffic in the site and engage visitors.
  • Adobe fireworks gives you variety of tools and options that are very helpful to make a full web layout. It is a commercial raster and vector graphic editor hybrid from Abode and is designed specially for website designers.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver is an essential tool of web designing and is a commercial application for web development that is available for the Mac and Windows operating Systems. Its featured-packed suite of tools and options like syntax highlighting and smart Code Hinting, work flow options and project management make the team work effortless.
  • Adobe Photoshop is created for professional photographers and website designers. It is an application for manipulating images and creating web graphics. Photoshop consists of all important tools and options which a web designer requires, for instance- Filters, which automatically adds effects to your image or a selected section of your image, extensibility and automation with brushes, actions and scripting.
  • The next essential of web designing is called Abode Kuler. This is used mainly for creating a color theme for a website. Abode Kuler allows users to share their ideas in the market which makes it easier to select a better color scheme for their website.
  • HTML Editor used to create and edit HTML documents. Most of the users prefer to use this software program (HTML editor) since it can simplify a difficult process.
  • A Graphic editor is another important essential of web designing, this software program helps you to design and edit graphics.
  • FTP or File Transfer Protocol is used for uploading and downloading files to and from the web server. Though some HTML editor allows editing and transferring pages to your server but FTP is still an imperative tool because you should a complete control over the files on the server.