Benefits of Custom Web Design Vs Using Common Templates

A custom website design will do the following:

1. Accurately captures your business persona.

2. Includes website conversion pathways — Calls to action to gain results!

3. Optimized for search engine optimization — helps get you found on-line.

4. Geared to generate specific results: Newsletter sign ups, sales, leads.

5. Dynamic and can allow for new pages and content.

6. 1 in a million, not another like it.

A template website design will generally give you the following:

1. A cheap option.

2. Can be changed to suit your company colors, but not your business.

3. Typically not designed for search engine optimization.

4. Is not geared to achieve your on-line goals: Newsletter sign ups, sales etc.

5. High risk that there are 20 other low quality businesses out there with the same template.

Step 1 Identify a company/individual that is qualified, and has a successful track record of web design. The easiest and safest way to do this is to deal with a well established business that has plenty of good reviews and testimonials from their customers.

Step 2 Provide an accurate design brief on how you want your business to portray itself on-line, including references to other websites that have been professional designed to a high standard. This is very important, all designers need to know what you like in order to appeal to your needs and at the same time provide advice and guidance on the best web design practices, otherwise your designer will be just stabbing in the dark.

Step 3 The third step is to make sure your companies objectives and your on-line goals are successfully integrated in the design and that your credibility and legitimacy as a business is incorporated on almost every page. Ensure that you have strong calls to action for your customers to successfully complete the objective of your website.

Step 4 Make sure your web company or individual knows to how to design a website to be search friendly and that the content will be easily readable. This is the most important and final step, lots of companies overlook content and structure as they try to only sell themselves on impact value. Ensure your designer has experience structuring content successfully so that your visitors won’t get frustrated finding their desired information or content.

Fact: Website visitors will leave your site and go straight to a competitor if they can’t find what they are looking for on your website within 30 seconds.